why buy leather

Top 5 reasons to buy leather furniture....


1. Leather is extremely durable. A good top grain leather can last up to four times longer than fabric upholstery. Because of its durability, most leather furniture manufacturers offer warranties that protect against chipping, tearing, cracking and peeling. This makes leather an excellent option for homes with  children. The price difference over a comparable fabric set is greatly off-set by the much longer life expectency of the leather upholstery.

2. Very easy to clean. Sticky messes and spills usually clean easily from top grain leathers with just mild soap and water. If liquid is spilled on your leather furniture, you can just wipe off the surface and continue on with your day. This is unlike fabric upholstery, where you have to use towels to soak the moisture out of the fabric and underlying foams and then allow it all to air dry before you can use it again.

3. Being made of natural material, leather furniture breathes. There is a myth that leather is hot and sticky in the summer and hard and cold in the winter. This is just not the case with real, high quality leather upholstry. With its natural ability to breath, leather adjusts quickly to the enviroment and your body temperature. If you're sceptical because of a negative experience in the past, odds are that piece of furniture was made from an inferior leather that was over corrected and processed. Basically this means that the leather was sealed so that its natural ability to breath and ventilate was lost; therefore it retained both heat and cold. This will not happen with a quality leather.

4. Leather improves with age. It seems that within just a few short years, fabric upholstery starts to look worn. But time allows leather furniture to develop its own personality. As it ages, leather becomes more supple and softens from years of use. Leather is actually enhanced by the natural oils in your skin. Even the highest quality leathers will eventually start to look worn, but not until you would have gone through a few sets of traditional fabric upholstery furniture.

5. Last but not least, we all love the smell of real leather. High quality leather offers a smell that many have tried to capture in candles and air fresheners, but nothing will ever add that rustic, earthy aroma that is immediatley identifiable as real, quality, leather!