Leather One Direct offers shipping to the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Arrangements can be made for Canadian deliveries but we offer no broker services for transport of any orders across international borders and our prices would in no way reflect the additional import taxes that would have to be paid. Delivery charges only include delivery to the UPS Freight Service Center in your region. Curbside or in-home delivery are additional charges that will be expressed to the purchaser in email form within 48 business hours after the completion of the transaction. Expect any orders requiring water transit to incure significant fees including but not limited to Ocean Freight Rates, Bunker Fuel Surcharges, Terminal Handling Charges and Wharfage Charges.

We proudly use both UPS Ground and UPS Freight for our primary shipping needs to your region but reserve the right to select other qualified carriers as we see fit. We also offer the services of Last Mile Home (LMH) for professional home delivery. UPS Freight offers business delivery at no extra charge, but we have found that we can offer the in-home delivery services of LMH for less than UPS Freight charges for curbside delivery.  We feel the high level of services offered and the reasonable rates associated with those services, offset the 2 or 3 additional business days that are required to make your delivery. LMH delivery agents in your region will warehouse your merchandise until arrangements have been made between you and a LMH Customer Service Professional for your delivery. Customers are more than welcome to expedite their order by personally picking up their order at the UPS Freight terminal when it arrives.

LMH offers the following two levels of in-home delivery.

Threshold Plus: This service offers inside delivery, which means your purchase will be brought inside your home and placed right inside the door. The driver is not required to unpack or remove any debris.

White Glove: A two person delivery crew will arrive and bring your order into your home and place it in a predetermined location. The delivery team is not contracted to do any installations or move furniture, however they will remove the packaging unless otherwise directed. Any assembly or installation required would fall under Additional Services listed below.

 Additional Services

 Oversize Product: Product that requires additional handling equipment and/or additional men will be charged an additional $150.00 for each 150 pounds in excess of 300 pounds per piece.

Stair Carry: Shipments that require pick up or delivery to any location other than the ground level will be rated at $3.00 per step or $30.00, whichever is greater.

 Beyond: Shipments to or from locations listed as “rural” areas defined on LMH Market Specific Postal Code Chart (MSPCC) will receive an additional charge of $85.00 or $0.10 per pound, whichever is greater, as well as an additional day in transit. Additional charges may apply to very remote (Isolated) areas that require the use of special and/or non-scheduled equipment to provide service to these locations. One example would be the cost of the ferry for a delivery to Martha’s Vineyard, MA & Whidbey Island, WA.

 Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico: Shipment requests to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico will receive an additional charge of $85.00 or $0.10 per pound, whichever is greater. Remote areas of Alaska and island transfers in Hawaii will be quoted on per-order basis.

 Specials: Shipments requiring a “Special” will be rated with an additional charge of $60.00 or $0.10 per pound whichever is greater. A Special is determined when a pick up or delivery is requested outside of the standard schedule or delivery window. This would apply to after hour requests as well as specific time requests.

 Saturday: Shipments requiring a Saturday delivery will be rated with an additional charge of $75.00 or $0.10 per pound, whichever is greater.

 Sunday: Shipments requiring a Sunday delivery will be rated with an additional charge of $125.00 or $0.15 per pound, whichever is greater.

 Holiday: Shipments requiring a Holiday delivery will be rated with an additional charge of $125.00 or $0.15 per pound, whichever is greater.

 Address Correction: If a Customer provided address is incomplete or incorrect, a fee of $10.00 will apply. An incomplete or incorrect address will also include shipments sent to a P.O. Box or failure to provide a phone number on a shipment located in a area defined as Beyond.

 Service Level Upgrade: If Customer requests a service level upgrade to an existing shipment a service charge of $25.00 will apply. Charges for an upgrade will be quoted on a case by case basis in the event; 1.) The shipment has begun transport from the origin location, 2.) A trailer must be unloaded to access a specific shipment, 3.) A vehicle must be redirected.

 Cancellation: Ship requests made and subsequently cancelled before product was tendered will be charged a $15.00 cancellation fee.

 Light Assembly: Light assembly will be a flat fee of $60.00 with a time limit of 15 minutes. If assembly takes more than 15 minutes, our normal wait time fee will apply.

 Waiting Time: Customers will be charged $18.75 for every 15 minutes or fraction thereof that LMH has to wait beyond the delivery time window. The first fifteen minutes is free before charges begin.

 Storage: LMH will store product in a LMH approved warehouse location for a period not to exceed 7 days provided contact with the recipient has been made. Any time beyond the 7 days, an additional storage fee of $3.00 per day will be applied. Storage charges will not begin to accumulate until the 8th day following the delivery date identified on the Ship Request. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays will be included.

 Product Insurance: Shipments in which a value has been declared or insurance is purchased will be rated with an additional charge of $0.25 per $100.00, with a deductible of $0.00. A $15.00 minimum will apply.

For your protection, we must insist that you carefully examine your delivery before you sign any documents. Once you have accepted your delivery with your signature, any damage or defects will be your responsibilty. We have no other way to prove the product was damaged during shipping or delivery if it is not noted on the delivery statement that you will be asked to sign. PLEASE CHECK ALL ITEMS THOROUGHLY! We will do everything in our power to repair or replace damaged merchandise if it is brought to our attention BEFORE you sign, otherwise any insurance we have on the delivery of your purchase is null and void.